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Welcome to Kat’s Meow Beautiful Burlesque’s first-ever Student Showcase!

Our beautiful burlesque beauties have created their own unique pieces to perform just for you. The inspiration, the ideas, the movements, and the costumes come from their own imaginations. They have put it all together in a sexy, sultry package solely for your entertainment.

For some, this is their first on-stage burlesque performance, and they will want encouragement and support. So come on out to see the show and energize these beautiful brave ladies with your applause and cheers. We look forward to seeing you and hearing you whoop it up!

Saturday, March 2nd, 7pm at Simcoe Street Theatre in Collingwood.

Tickets are $15 + taxes & fees

Student Showcase.png
Burlesque performance for corporate events.

Book Kat's Meow Beautiful Burlesque for your next event and turn it into a truly memorable occasion. It's not your average dance performance! Kat's Meow brings a unique experience to your audience by taking dance to the next level. Sensual movements complete with costumes and props provide a tasteful, classy yet provocative performance for your guests, leaving them wanting more!

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