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Welcome to Kat’s Meow Beautiful Burlesque, where I have an amazing time teaching women how to perform sensual movements. I also deliver tantalizing burlesque performances for events.


I wanted to provide women with something special that was truly their own. No husbands, no kids, just friends and fun. Perfect for bachelorettes, girls' nights and birthday parties.


There is no previous dance training required to learn the art of burlesque. There is no body flexibility or agility required. There is no age barrier, size barrier or technical barrier. And most importantly, there is no judgement. There is only the desire to enjoy yourself.


I have been dancing my entire life and in a multitude of styles which makes me a confident teacher. I have performed in venues big and small all over the province of Ontario. Despite this range of experience, I struggled for a long time with self-esteem issues. This is why I originally started burlesque performing and also why I have a unique advantage to teaching this particular type of movement. My classes are purposefully based on fun which helps to provide a comfortable atmosphere for all participants.


The goal of Kat's Meow is to give every person a positive experience and have them leave feeling uplifted, empowered and sexy!     416-873-2226

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